love LY (xyzprincess) wrote in natasha_fans,
love LY

cool natasha ticket contest

hey guys, i found this contest while stumbling the web: it's a contest to win two free tickets to see natasha bedingfield in any city on her US tour. you have to write memories about music that helps you get away when times are tough, which is i guess the theme of her new single, pocketful of sunshine. i'm going to write about "unwritten." that song always makes me feel like i have my whole life ahead of me, in spite of the stupid mistakes i make.
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Couldn't see anything about it on the rules page, may have missed it though, is this just a competition for Americans or can anyone in any country enter? I live in Australia so I presume not eligible to enter...
yeah unfortunately, i think it's just for people who live in the US. :(